Cooperative Education

Sheridan’s Co-op team is only supporting students & employers remotely. If you have any questions or need support, email your program Coop contact. If you are unsure who to contact, please email

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Student Success Story

Sheridan graduate Akita Cachia Costa will be the first to tell you that Cooperative Education can open your mind to creative possibilities and task-efficiency. As a graduate of Sheridan’s Bachelor of Illustration, one-year Arts Fundamentals program and the one-year Digital and Creative Arts program, Akita has the educational background to take on any job she desires in her field.

Kaye (Kawen) Mao has the privilege of being Sheridan’s first ever student to be selected for a Co-op work term with Google in New York City. Her strength as a leader quickly became evident as she not only led a team as project manager with Google, but also increased motivation and classroom attendance in her program, Sheridan’s new Honours Bachelor of Interaction Design.

Celebrating 30 years of Co-op at Sheridan


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7 Reasons to Hire a Co op Student

  • Ontario Tax Credit makes it affordable
  • Fresh ideas, new and creative innovation, and problem solving skills
  • Attract long-term dedicated employees
  • Available year-round 4, 8, 12 month terms
  • Cost-effective because you can hire students at affordable wages
  • Excellent way to test drive future full-timers
  • It’s easy! Sheridan does most of the hiring work for you.