Our Priorities

Sheridan has identified three key priority areas: the Academic Plan, the People Plan and Operational Sustainability. Through Sheridan Integrated Planning (SIP), we ensure that decision making and resources are aligned with these priorities, and that there is a data-informed approach to achieving the institution’s goals. Each of our priorities, supported by this integrated planning approach, will help Sheridan fulfill its Strategic Mandate Agreement with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, which includes our vision to become Sheridan Polytechnic, a university celebrated as a global leader in career-focused, applied education.

Academic Plans

Sheridan’s Academic Plan 2017-22 outlines Sheridan’s academic priorities, and contain three core pillars: quality, character and accountability.

Our People

Sheridan’s most valuable resource is its people. The People Plan lists Sheridan’s priorities for supporting its employees and providing them with the tools they need to be successful.

Operational Sustainability

Sheridan’s Operational Sustainability initiatives are about having the proper infrastructure, systems and processes in place to make informed decisions about our priorities based on reliable data.

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