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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Web Design

Get web design training, career skills, and the best jobs.

This program is not currently offered. However, you may be interested in our Interactive Media Management or Bachelor of Interaction Design programs.

Our program provides professional skills that translate directly to the marketing and communications, advertising, e-commerce and web design industries.

Intensive, project-based web design training

  • Design and launch up to 5 websites
  • Design and prototype engaging mobile apps using UI/UX best practices
  • Learn the current versions of industry-standard web design software
  • Gain coding skills in HTML, CSS and jQuery

Flexibility in a fast-paced industry

Web design trends and technologies are constantly evolving, and so is Sheridan's curriculum. You'll learn the most up-to-the-moment practices — but you'll also develop core principles that never change, so you can adapt to whatever new web design trends come along next month, next year, or next decade.

Our program and your career

As Canada's only two-semester postgraduate web design diploma program, Sheridan offers the shortest path to a web design career: you can be working in less than a year. We draw students from a wide range of design-related fields, including graphic design, illustration, architecture, industrial design and fine arts.

Additional information

“Graduates from Sheridan are typically much stronger job candidates than graduates from any other web design program,” a Toronto agency executive told Marketing Magazine recently. “They are the only ones who are job-ready.”

The Sheridan Web Design program is built around professional skills that translate directly to the marketing, advertising, e-commerce and web design industries.

The varied backgrounds of our students, combined with small class sizes and collaborative assignments, produce a creative environment that mirrors the workplace at a marketing firm or ad agency.

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