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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Visual Merchandising Arts

Elevate your creativity and business savvy.

Learning Outcomes

The successful completion of this program will enable the graduate to:

  • Present and coordinate merchandise so that related goods are shown in a unique, desirable, and saleable manner.
  • Use both written and oral English that emphasizes good organization, clarity, correct grammar which is appropriate for communication purposes in the business environment.
  • Understand the fundamentals of basic financial problems, and use good reason in financial decision making.
  • Work with a wide variety of materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, foamcore, wood, laminate, fabric) to solve two and three dimensional design problems.
  • Apply basic design principles and colour theories to the construction of promotional displays and advertising.
  • Use photography to record displays and advertising, and integrate knowledge of the photographic process into advertising and display design.
  • Appreciate how the history of art and design influence current display practice and contemporary images.
  • Understand the basic functions of retail store operations including store location and layout, shopping centre analysis, retail market segmentation and strategies, and the merchandising mix.
  • Prepare and execute displays for exhibitions and promotional events using the visual dynamics of light as a design element.
  • Prepare illustrative matter and layout for posters and advertising using graphic design principles including perspective, lettering, and logo design.
  • Understand basic personnel functions such as interviewing techniques, basic supervisory skills, motivation, and written and non verbal communication.
  • Understand basic promotion and advertising including various media for retail advertising (newspaper, radio, direct mail) and the design, layout, and production of ads and promotional point of purchase material.
  • Design and build scale models and props suitable for use in display and exhibition.
  • Use basic display skills such as covering, stapling, and mounting.