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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Visual Effects

Develop your artistic and technical skills for the visual effects industry.

From design and pre-visualization to the realization of the director's vision, visual effects are essential in today's filmmaking industry.

Art and technology

Visual effects is truly a balance of left and right brain thinking. You must be able to understand and utilize both art and technology to create effective visual effects. Only by exploring the latest software and technology in-depth, will you be able to apply and grow your artistic talent.

Be a part of the film-making process

Whether it's creating massive destruction scenes or expanding the scope of production, nearly every film now requires visual effects for support. By collaborating with students in other filmmaking programs, you'll learn to become part of the film production process and capable of creating and integrating any digital elements required to tell the story.

Now and then

You'll come to Sheridan with artistic ability and experience using 3D software. We'll build on that foundation over a period of 10 months and teach you the tools and techniques to become a successful visual effects artist. We'll help you explore and realize your visions and find your path in the visual effects industry.

Additional information

The Visual Effects program at Sheridan provides the industry's most comprehensive curriculum by leveraging the knowledge and facilities of our world-renowned Computer Animation and Advanced TV and Film programs. Our instructors bring years of industry experience and a passion for creating visual effects.

Graduates have gone on to careers as digital visual effects animators, compositors, motion trackers, rotoscope artists and as lighting and shading specialists.

Image credit: Dai Zhongyan

Houdini Certified School Logo

Sheridan College is a proud partner of SideFX — the company behind the Oscar-winning 3D animation software Houdini.

  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate

    • Full-time
    • 1 yr (3 semesters)
    • Program code: PVEFF