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Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Social Service Worker

Gain skills to work in a wide range of community service environments.


Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

Semester 1    
CSRV17062 Community Development and Fundraising 3
CSRV17749 Social Service Practice 3
FLPL16886 Introduction to Social Services and Field Practicum 3
PSYC15065G Psychology Core Concepts 3
CSRV13672 Social Diversity in Contemporary Canada 3
COMM19999 Essential Communications 3
Total:   18
Semester 2    
CSRV22987 The Helping Process 3
SOCS16732 Human Development Lifespan 3
CSRV21011 Introduction to Applied Research in Social Services 3
FLPL13672 Field Preparation: SSW 6
CSRV28263 Social Policy, Social Justice and Change 3
CSRV14178 Migration and Settlement Studies 3
Total:   21
Semester 3    
CSRV21618 Crisis Intervention & Trauma Informed Practice 3
CSRV21425 Group Methods and Facilitation 3
FLPL25288 Professional Practice 1: SSW 11
GNED General Education Elective  
Total:   20
Semester 4    
CSRV39402 Advanced Settlement Counselling 3
CSRV24947 Advanced Helping Skills 3
FLPL20065 Professional Practice 2: SSW 11
  General Education Elective 3
  Choose one of the following program electives. Please note that not all program electives listed here will be offered every semester.  
CRSV20065 Indigenous Ways of Knowing 3
CSRV24717 Engaging and Promoting Healthy Families 3
CSRV20261 Youth Justice and Social Service Practice 3
CSRV27028 Non-profit Services and Grant Writing 3
Total:   20

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