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Pilon School of Business

Office Administration – Legal

Be in demand as a legal administrative assistant.
Currently, Sheridan Office of Administration - Legal program courses are held at the Davis Campus in Brampton. Beginning in fall 2019, the program will be moving to the Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga.

Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Conduct oneself professionally and adhere to relevant legislation, standards and codes of ethics.
  • Manage the scheduling, coordination and organization of administrative tasks and workflow within specific deadlines and according to set priorities and procedures.
  • Coordinate the collection, analysis, distribution and response to communications in the workplace to facilitate the flow of information.
  • Operate and provide support to others related to the use of office equipment and technologies.
  • Evaluate, establish and administer legal records management systems to ensure confidential, secure, accessible and organized electronic and paper records.
  • Produce client account and billing records for legal services by compiling relevant information and using accounting software.
  • Produce legal documentation for corporate, civil, family, real estate and wills and estates law using available technologies and applying industry standards.
  • Use interpersonal and client service skills to respond to diversity and to support the goals of the organization.