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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Music Scoring for Screen and Stage

Master the art of composing for animation, games, television and stage.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, graduates will have demonstrated the ability to apply their pre-existing musical knowledge to most of the specific skills of writing, arranging, editing, producing, and administering music for film, television, animation, the stage and video games.

  • Compose music for at least two of the following: live action dramatic short films, animated short films, live musical theatre or video games.
  • Illustrate competency in at least two of the following areas: producing a score recording session, engineering a score recording session, editing recorded music to fit a given visual sequence, arrange or orchestrate a provided musical idea or composition.
  • Articulate the unique responsibilities of the principal and key production personnel involved in visual media, musical theatre productions or game design.
  • Collaborate with a key creative team in the creation of complementary music accompaniment for a storytelling environment.
  • Create original musical elements and deliver to peer content producers within the Sheridan College student community.
  • Arrange and orchestrate a given composition within the creative and practical constraints of a production.
  • Produce all facets of a score recording session including: writing score parts, contracting musicians, preparation of MIDI or digital “guide tracks”, preparation of click tracks, tempo maps, markers.
  • Contextualize differences between composition and composition for stage, screen and games.
  • Argue the complexities of musical themes and development in milestone productions of film, television, games and musical theatre.
  • Contextualize the various social, political, economic, cultural and artistic influences upon composition for visual media, games and musical theatre throughout history.