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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Music Scoring for Screen and Stage

Master the art of composing for animation, games, television and stage.

No other music composition program offers this level of collaboration, creativity and multidisciplinary learning to build your music career.

Collaborate on real-life projects

Writing music for screen and stage today is about teamwork. In this program, you'll collaborate with your peers in our renowned arts programs and bring projects to life with music. You'll compose music for animation, video games and apps, film, TV and musical theatre. No other music composition program offers access to these arts programs or provides the broad skill set clients and employers want.

Broaden your skill set

Composing music for screen and stage means being able to take on multiple roles. In this program, you'll develop a broad skill set. You'll learn orchestration, recording, mixing and editing. Using the latest technology, you'll compose music for several of Sheridan's arts programs, and create a workplace-ready demo reel that showcases your ability to work in a variety of media.

Become the complete package

This program brings music and technology together. Many of our students have either a formal music background or technical experience, but not both. This graduate music certificate builds on your existing skill set, while bridging any gaps in experience you may have. You'll have classes in music composition, as well as the technical aspects of recording, mixing and sound design.

Additional information

Music composition isn’t just an art. It’s also a business. Many of our graduates will become self-employed freelancers, so the Music Scoring for Screen and Stage program prepares you for success with a special focus on business and entrepreneurial skills. You’ll learn:

  • How to start a small business.
  • How to market yourself.
  • How to manage the client-composer relationship.

You’ll also learn about royalties — how they work, getting paid and interpreting and developing contracts.

Our renowned arts school also provides unmatched facilities and award-winning faculty. Courses are held at our Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville, Ontario.

  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate

    • Full-time
    • Program code: PMSFS