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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design


Sheridan Journalism grads are ready for the newsrooms of today … and tomorrow.


Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

Semester 1   
JOUR 15738 Fundamentals of Journalism  
JOUR 18802 Writing for Print and Web  
JOUR 18081 News Editing/Shooting/Audio  
JOUR 10001 Art of Research  
COMM 17028 Writing for Broadcast and Social Media  

Essential Communication Skills  
Semester 2   
JOUR 10036 Multi-Platform Reporting  
VDES 11217 Design for Media  
JOUR 10261 News Editing/Shooting/Photography  
JOUR 14049 Program Production for Broadcast News  
JOUR 10049 Digital Storytelling  

General Education Course (Open)  
Semester 3   
JOUR 25142
News Production  
JOUR 27198 Intro to Interactive and Long Format Stories
JOUR 20261 Copy editing  

Students select one of the following:   
JOUR 29599 Broadcast Producing  
JOUR 28634 Advanced Camera and Editing  
JOUR 23542 Magazine Writing and Editing  
Semester 4   
FLPL 20004 Field Placement  
  General Education Course (Open)  
Students select two of the following:  
JOUR 19999 Sheridan Sun Production  
JOUR 20082 Online News Production  
JOUR 20172 Television News Production  
JOUR 24717 Radio Broadcasting  
Students select one of the following:  
JOUR 29207 Current Affairs Documentary  
JOUR 17624 Ezine/Magazine Production
JOUR 28823 Sports Broadcasting  
PUBR 10199 Public Relations Communications  



Note: Courses subject to change.

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