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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Journalism – New Media

Our graduates are the industry’s pioneers in digital news departments around the world.

This program is not currently offered.

Take your place with our many graduates who have distinguished themselves as innovative, forward-thinking visionaries in a constantly changing profession.

Established Track Record

Since its introduction in 2000, Sheridan’s Journalism – New Media program revolutionized journalism curriculum with the creation of innovative courses that ranged from multimedia reporting to interactive documentary production.  Students work directly with professors through project-based learning.

Integrated Approach

JNM’s integrated approach to learning combines practical and technical training – fusing traditional journalism education with trailblazing technology courses you won’t find at other schools. This 8-month long intensive program is perfectly suited for university and college graduates of all disciplines, as well as mid-career professionals seeking to upgrade their skills and digital and entrepreneurial acumen.

Learn from Industry Leaders

The program’s award-winning professors have long established careers as the country’s best journalists and have worked all over the world. Benefit from long-standing relationships with industry partners at the end of the academic year through a 4-week field placement at a website, newspaper, broadcaster or other media organization.

Additional information

"Without question, the Journalism – New Media program has been worth every single penny. I can't believe how much my life has changed in just a few short months and how many doors of opportunity are beginning to open for me." --Kate Goodwin (Class of 2011)

Journalism-New Media remains one of the most forward-thinking programs of its kind. Edgy and provocative curriculum is constantly upgraded to reflect the warp-speed changes in the field. In one academic year, you'll be skilled at:

  • Multimedia storytelling and the use of social media for research and promotion of news.
  • News and factual writing for print and websites.
  • Visual and data journalism.
  • Investigative reporting techniques and the use of WikiLeaks and other transparency and whistleblowing websites.
  • Video storytelling.
  • Photo and audio journalism.
  • Entrepreneurial journalism.
  • Interviewing and fact-checking.
  • Finding and nurturing sources.

The Journalism – New Media program is purposely small in number, therefore ensuring students receive individualized guidance and coaching as they work directly with faculty through project-based learning.

The program caters to graduates of university and college programs from diverse academic backgrounds, industry professionals in need of retraining, and/or those with substantial life experience seeking practical, hands-on training in one short, intensive year.

Students gain valuable experience and opportunity by participating in a mandatory 4-6 weeks work placement (paid or unpaid) in the news and information industry. Internships are typically completed at the end of the 8-month program but before graduation in June.

In addition to the tuition fees for this program, students should plan to spend an additional $1,000 maximum for ancillary supplies, software and web accounts.