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Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Investigation – Public and Private

The only 2-year program of its kind in Ontario.

For the Winter 2021 semester, this program will be delivered entirely through remote learning. View delivery modes for all programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interact with a high level of professionalism while adhering to relevant laws, standards, principles and practices.
  • Act in a manner that demonstrates respect for peers, clients, and other professionals when working independently and in a team environment.
  • Establish constructive relationships with government departments, international agencies, public and private sector enterprises and organizations to execute investigative inquiries.
  • Demonstrate relevant knowledge of current world and local events, global trends, political and economic climates in order to appreciate a broader based societal perspective.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the practical workings of the investigation field and develop strategies for personal and professional approaches.
  • Identify and apply various investigative techniques and related public safety approaches to inquiries in the public and private sections.
  • Research and critically analyze the components of investigative inquiries.
  • Critically and objectively evaluate investigative assumptions, theories and approaches using deductive reasoning.
  • Plan cost and time effective inquiries.
  • Communicate professionally, effectively, both verbally and in writing using computers and other state of the art technology required by the profession.