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Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Game Development – Advanced Programming

Gain specialized game development skills and launch a successful career.

Learning Outcomes

The successful completion of this program will enable the graduate to:
  • Identify, choose, and implement appropriate algorithmic, programming, and mathematical techniques to develop software components for various aspects of computer games, such as character control, scene management, artificial intelligence, graphics and animation, etc.
  • Create prototype games or game fragments by integrating original software components with existing professional tools, such as game engines, middleware, and common application programming interfaces.
  • Develop and maintain software in a team environment using collaborative tools and technologies reflective of industry practices, including source control, build management, deployment, bug tracking, etc.
  • Plan, prioritize, and manage tasks related to software development in a team environment.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate hardware and software platforms for a particular game strategy.
  • Design, create, and present a technical design document for a computer game or game component.
  • Develop and maintain software documentation and communicate technical ideas using verbal, written, and digital communication skills.
  • Test, debug, and optimize a game or game component to meet production requirements.