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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Digital Creature Animation – Technical Direction

Develop an in-demand computer animation skill.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply appropriate principles of animation to the articulation of a CG creature/character including realism.
  • Convey personal style through design elements.
  • Operate a computer animation pipeline system including file management, shell scripting and troubleshooting.
  • Produce 3D animated sequences through technical direction including planning and problem resolution.
  • Create advanced creature tools such as scripting for the purpose of enhancing the deformation, simulation or appearance of a CG creature.
  • Create an animated CG creature/character with an emphasis in rigging and articulation.
  • Employ advanced rigging technique to articulate a creature according to natural kinesiology.
  • Utilize hardware and software protocols specific to the field of animation.
  • Integrate computer generated imagery and live action elements.
  • Match plate – create an effective lighting environment.
  • Simulate hair and cloth dynamics.
  • Meet project deadlines.