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Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Computer Engineering Technician

Identify and solve software and hardware challenges.


Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

Semester 1    
ENGI12578 Electrical Fundamentals 4
ENGI16434 Electronic Fabrication 4
PROG10082 Object Oriented Programming 1 - Java 6
COMM16165 Technical Reports and Presentations 3
MATH17688 Mathematics 1 3
ENGI12195 Practical Circuits 2
Total:   22
Semester 2    
ENGI10701 Digital Principles 1 4
ENGI27907 Electronic Devices/Circuits 4
PROG24178 Object Oriented Programming 2 - Java 6
SYST13416 Linux/Unix Operating Systems 3
MATH24376 Applied Calculus 3
CULT10001G The Impact of Culture on the Canadian Workplace 3
Total:   23
Semester 3    
DBAS27198 Database Design and Implementation 1 4
ENGI21917 Digital Principles 2 4
PROG20016 Applied C Programming 4
SYST26671 Computer Architecture 3
ENGI14322 Electronic Drafting and CAD 2
  General Education Course (Open) 3
Total:   20
Semester 4    
DBAS32100 Database Management 3
ENGI22245 Microprocessors 4
ENGI38263 Analog Circuits 4
SYST20261 Applied Operating Systems Design 3
INFO20172 IT Project Management Using PMP 3
TELE13167 Introduction to Data Communications and Networking    3
  General Education Course (Open) 3
Total:   23

Note: Courses subject to change. Please contact your Faculty office to obtain your program map.

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