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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Computer Animation

Launch your career in 3D animation.

Learning Outcomes

The successful completion of this program will enable the graduate to:

  • Apply cinematic language to animated projects to create a desired and coherent visual experience.
  • Utilize advanced techniques of modeling, surfacing, and rigging in the creation of assets to meet or advance industry standards.
  • Apply the principles of animation and the physics of motion in the creation of compelling moving images.
  • Utilize the principles of the pre-production pipeline to conceptualize projects.
  • Create convincing performances in animated characters.
  • Employ software techniques specific to the field of animation to efficiently and accurately achieve the desired creative vision.
  • Synthesize relevant research strategies and methodologies within a practice-based discipline to develop effective and creative solutions.
  • Develop lighting, shading, rendering and compositing techniques to achieve the artistic vision of the final frame.
  • Utilize scripting to problem solve and to increase efficiency in the workflow.
  • Produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates technical and artistic competencies that meet industry expectations.
  • Meet declared milestones in a production pipeline to ensure efficient project management and effective communication with colleagues and clients.
  • Develop and use personal and professional strategies and plans to model professional growth and job performance.