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Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Honours Bachelor of Community Safety

Create positive change with a new approach to community safety.


Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

Semester 1       
Introduction to Criminal Law 3
The Sociology of Community 3
Creative Learning and Leadership Portfolio 3
Organizations and Administration in the Public Domain 3
Composition and Rhetoric (Breadth Elective) 3
Total:   15
Semester 2   
Introduction to Criminology 3
Foundations of Psychology 3
Policing, Society and Community 3
Culture and Inequality in a Global World 3
  Breadth Elective 3
Total: 15
Semester 3   
Critical Thinking for Healthy Communities 3
Making Others: The Sociology of Deviance 3
Disaster and Emergency Management 3
The Art of Influence: Understanding Behavioural Change 3
  Breadth Elective 3
Total: 15
Semester 4   
Prevention and Resiliency Models for Promoting Community Safety 3
Organizational and Societal Responses in Crisis Management 3
Introduction to Qualitative Methods 3
  Breadth Elective 3
  Breadth Elective 3
Total: 15
Semester 5   
Quantitative Methodology in Community Safety Research 3
Collaboration, Facilitation and Negotiation + Work Integrated Learning Prep 3
Peace, Conflict and Global Justice Studies 3
Mental Health and Mental Illness 3
Global Justice Systems in Perspective 3
Total: 15
Semester 6   
Community Safety Planning 3
Program Evaluation 3
Criminal Forensic Psychology 3
Community Engagement and Social Justice 3
  Breadth Elective 3
Total: 15
Semester 7   
The Construction of Truth: Exploring New Media and Technology 3
Securing an Open Society in the Global Age 3
Countering Crime in Community Safety: Investigations and Evidence 3
Capstone Proposal OR Thesis Proposal 3
  Breadth Elective 3
Total: 15
  Internship — 420 hours
Semester 8   
Youth Justice 3
Cyber Threats and Information Security 3
Gender and Violence 3
Capstone OR Thesis 3
Breadth Elective 3
Total:   15

Notes: Courses subject to change.

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