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Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Community Pharmacy Assistant

Train to work in a community pharmacy.

This program is not currently offered. However, you may want to explore our Pharmacy Technician program.

Sheridan’s Community Pharmacy Assistant program prepares you to work as a pharmacy assistant in a community dispensary.

A changing landscape

As the scope of practice for pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians expands into higher levels of expertise, the role of the pharmacy assistant is becoming critical to the operational effectiveness of the community pharmacy. Sheridan’s Community Pharmacy Assistant program gives you the resources you need to take advantage of these job opportunities.

Critical training

This program is designed to provide you with the basic knowledge and skills you'll need to work as a pharmacy assistant in a community pharmacy dispensary. When you graduate, you’ll be well prepared to assist pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with day-to-day tasks in compliance with current legislation and policies, and to provide excellent patient care and customer service.

Things you'll learn to do

  • Process, prepare, package, and label prescriptions and pharmaceutical products.
  • Solve problems relating to prescriptions such as adjudication problems, calculations and legality issues.
  • Identify common prescription, non-prescription and medical devices that support healthy living.

Explore your future classroom

As a Community Pharmacy Assistant student you’ll work in labs designed to imitate the real-world workplace. Want a look inside preview? Take a virtual tour of our Pharmacy Lab.