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Pilon School of Business

Business Administration – Marketing

Advance your marketing skills through electives and experience.

For the Winter 2021 semester, this program will be delivered entirely through remote learning. View delivery modes for all programs.

Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Develop a marketing plan that will meet the needs or goals of a business or organization.
  • Develop an integrated marketing communication plan for marketing of a product, concept, good, or service based on an identified market need or target.
  • Determine strategies for the development of new and/or modified marketing concepts, products, goods, and/or services that respond to evolving market needs.
  • Determine strategies for the efficient and effective placement/distribution of a product, good, and/or service that respond to an evolving market.
  • Determine the impact of using different marketing strategies for a product, concept, good and/or service, on the finances, return on investment (ROI), and business goals of an organization.
  • Analyze the viability of a concept, product, good, and/or service in local, national or global markets.
  • Conduct market research to provide information needed to make marketing decisions.
  • Communicate marketing information persuasively and accurately in oral, written, graphic and interactive media formats.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver an effective sales presentation or pitch to address the needs of the client.
  • Develop strategies with clients, customers, consumers, co-workers, supervisors, and others to maintain and grow working relationships.
  • Develop learning and development strategies to enhance professional growth in the field.
  • Apply entrepreneurial strategies to identify and respond to new career opportunities that might include contract employment, and self-employment initiatives.
  • Apply and contribute to a framework of organizational policies and practices, when conducting business of the organization.
  • Apply the principles of business ethics and corporate social responsibility to business decisions.