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Pilon School of Business

Business Administration – Finance

A grounding in skills essential to business finance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Process and maintain financial records in compliance with relevant policies, procedures and regulations for individuals and/or organizations.
  • Prepare and present financial information in compliance with relevant legislation and regulations for individuals and/or organizations.
  • Analyze financial reports for individuals and/or organizations by applying financial mathematics and statistics.
  • Develop and evaluate a financial plan to meet individuals' and/or organizations' needs and objectives.
  • Develop, implement and co-ordinate marketing strategies to promote financial products and services and to enhance customer service.
  • Develop and implement strategies to establish and maintain professional networking and business relationships in the finance sector.
  • Analyze and evaluate within a Canadian context, the impact of economic variables. legislation, ethics, technology and the environments on individuals' and/or organizations' operations.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate ongoing strategies for personal and professional development, highlighting ethics, values and standards in the finance sector.
  • Co-ordinate the planning, implementation, management and evaluation of team projects by applying project management principles.