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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance

Refine your talent, show it off, and launch your career.

Learning Outcomes

The successful completion of the program will enable the graduate to:

  • Research the history of music theatre in order to develop a personal acting, vocal and dance repertoire that is informed by, and responds to, trends in the evolution of the art and its industry.
  • Create a professional repertoire that reflects a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the nature and requirements of the North American music theatre industry.
  • Perform a wide variety of styles of material required by today's theatrical and music industries at the entry-level professional standard expected by the industry.
  • Generate creative individual and collective music performances informed by inquiry, research and scholarly writing, using appropriate methodology.
  • Generate acting, vocal and dance performances that engage the audience, reflecting strong narrative, characterization and believable relationships among characters.
  • Create believable characters with fully developed physicality and voice, informed by psychology and based on thoughtful research and critical analysis.
  • Refine musical literacy in order to interpret, through performance, the intent and methodology of the composer.
  • Integrate meta-cognitive practices and systems of knowledge in order to enhance one's personal vision and one's relationship with the audience during performances.
  • Develop aural acuity that reflects the multidimensional nature of musicianship by integrating constructs music knowledge with listening skills.
  • Develop original and unique artistic performances by engaging in critical and creative problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Foster personal development and collegial working relationships that conform to established industry hierarchy, professional etiquette, and protocols through self-reflection, effective communications and collaboration strategies.
  • Generate a personal physical regimen required to maintain effective acting, vocal and dance technique, for success in music theatre and commercial performance.
  • Generate a personal methodology and approach to work required of the field of study and the music theatre industry.
  • Design comprehensive, cogent, and creative entrepreneurial strategies related to self-promotion and marketing that incorporate effective presentation, communication and technological skills, where appropriate.
  • Incorporate, where appropriate, current and evolving technologies, into individual performances and collaborative projects.