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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance

Refine your talent, show it off, and launch your career.

Learning Outcomes

The successful completion of the program will enable the graduate to:

  • Research the history of music theatre to provide a foundation for an acting, vocal and dance practice.
  • Establish a professional portfolio to support the pursuit of a variety of leadership and performance roles within the musical theatre industry.
  • Perform various styles of acting, singing and dance repertoire as required by current music theatre and related industries at an entry-level professional standard.
  • Create individual and collective music theatre performances using methods informed by creative problem-solving, research and scholarly writing.
  • Engage the audience through the development of theatrical elements such as theme, narrative, imagery, characterization and relationship.
  • Portray compelling characters by entering into the mind, body and voice of the character, informed by thoughtful research of human behaviour.
  • Exhibit musicianship including reading, writing, listening and interpretation, in and outside of performance.
  • Employ critical awareness and independent thinking through the integration of reflective and self-evaluation practices.
  • Establish collegial working relationships that incorporate industry protocols and professional etiquette through effective communication and collaboration.
  • Generate personal and career strategies to support longevity in the music theatre industry.
  • Develop a disciplined set of personal behaviours for the audition, studio rehearsal and performance.
  • Develop entrepreneurial strategies that utilize appropriate research, communication and technological skills.