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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Honours Bachelor of Interior Design

Build a career in the growing interior design profession.

Learning Outcomes

  • Incorporate a global perspective when making design decisions, based on sustainable, socio-economic and cultural contexts.
  • Apply theories of human behaviour to human-centred design solutions.
  • Apply the design process to generate creative solutions to complex problems optimizing the human experience within the interior environment.
  • Collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams respecting a variety of points of view and perspectives that enrich the process and product of the team.
  • Communicate complex ideas clearly to specialists and non-specialists through appropriate oral, written and representational media.
  • Exemplify accepted standards of professionalism and business practice including a commitment to engage in lifelong learning.
  • Analyze interiors, architecture, the decorative arts, and art within a historical and cultural context to inform contemporary design solutions.
  • Synthesize theories and concepts of spatial definition and organization into multi-dimensional design solutions.
  • Apply theory, psychology and methodology of colour to designs of the interior environment.
  • Specify furniture, fixtures, equipment and finish materials to meet the design criteria for a variety of interior spaces.
  • Apply principles of lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality as required to enhance the health, safety, welfare, and performance of building occupants.
  • Produce construction drawings and documents using industry standards for a variety of interior spaces.
  • Comply with laws, codes, and standards that impact fire safety and life safety.
  • Employ environment-behaviour research methodologies to address open-ended problems in interior design.