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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Honours Bachelor of Illustration

Learn to make great art while making a great living.

Learning Outcomes

Critical Performance Statement:

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to create a body of technically competent and visually compelling Illustration that is culturally informed and reflects the individual voice. Furthermore, they will have demonstrated the ability to apply the entrepreneurial skills required to sustain a professional practice in a rapidly changing global market place.

A graduate of the Illustration Applied Degree program will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Create illustrations from the development of the original concept to final execution.
  • Apply theories and principles of design and communication to the development of effective illustrations.
  • Communicate visually using drawing as a means of visual exploration, idea analysis, problem solving and expression of thought.
  • Use a variety of technologies to create, capture and manipulate illustration elements in producing a final product.
  • Work in a professional manner, maintaining professional relationships and communicating effectively with clients, coworkers, supervisors, and others.
  • Apply appropriate and effective business practices when dealing with clients.