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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Honours Bachelor of Game Design

Join the next generation of game designers.

For the Fall 2020 semester, this program will be delivered entirely through remote learning. View delivery modes for all programs.


Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

Semester 1    
GAME13796 Game Design 1: Foundations of Game Design 3
GAME14777 Introduction to Design Thinking 2
GAME18263 Narrative Skills for Game Designers
GAME14645 Introduction to Game Studies
Programming for Game Designers 1: Fundamentals 3
ENGL17889GD Composition and Rhetoric 3
Total:   17
Semester 2    
GAME17083 Game Design 2: Play Design 3
GAME11738 Team Project: Design and Development Cycle 2
GAME19207 Non Linear Storytelling For Game Designers 3
GAME10561 Game Asset Creation 1: Art, Animation and Integration
Programming for Game Designers 2: Planning Systems and Game Engine Scripting 3
  Breadth Elective  3
Total:   17
Semester 3    
GAME21723 Game Design 3: Systems 3
GAME21662 Design Practice 1: Game Project – Planning and Documentation 2
GAME27900 Level Design 1: Foundations of Level Design 3
GAME25490 Game Asset Creation 2: Modelling, Texturing and Animation 3
GAME28567 Programming for Game Designers: Motion 3
  Breadth Elective  3
Total:   17
Semester 4    
GAME27748 Game Design 4: Data and Design 3
GAME21468 Design Practice 2: Game Project – Production and Testing 2
GAME29207 Level Design 2: Principles of Level Design 3
GAME22243 Game Asset Creation 3: Game Feel and Aesthetics 3
GAME23550 Programming for Game Designers 4: Artificial Intelligence 3
  Breadth Elective  3
Total:   17
Semester 5    
GAME37183 Game Design 5: Game Economies 3
GAME31208 Design Practice 3: Gamification Project – Research, Design and Pre-production 2
GAME30835 Level Design 3: Applications of Level Design 3

Breadth Elective  3
  Complete ONE (1) of the following three (3) courses:
GAME39750 Advanced Topics in Game Programming 3
GAME32146 Advanced Topics in Game Art 3
GAME31234  Advanced Topics in Narrative Design 3
Total:   14
COWT10023 Co-op Work Forum  
Semester 6    
GAME31469 Game Design 6: Game Design Patterns 3
GAME31816 Design Practice 4: Gamification Product – Production, Data, Analytics 2
GAME39275 Player Engagement: UX and Social Network Design 3

Breadth Elective 3

Complete ONE (1) of the following three (3) courses:
GAME34750 Business Models and Project Entrepreneurship for Games 3
GAME37779 Experiments in Physical Computing for Games 3
GAME30001  Advanced Topics: Sound Design for Games 3
Total:   18
COWT 18888 Co-op Work Term (Degree Programs)
Semester 7    
GAME43796 Capstone Design Seminar Studio Practice 1 9
  Professional Profile Development 1: Design Research 3    
  Breadth Elective  3    
Total:   15
Semester 8    
GAME49999 Capstone Design Seminar: Studio Practice 9
GAME43324 Professional Profile Development 2: Portfolio 3
  Breadth Elective  3
Total:   15

Note: Courses subject to change.

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