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Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership

Make a difference. Become a leader in early childhood education.

Effective Fall 2020, this program will not be accepting new students into Year 1. Students who are interested in obtaining this degree are encouraged to complete Years 1 & 2 through Sheridan's Early Childhood Education diploma program. Once you've received your ECE diploma, you'll be eligible to apply for this degree, entering directly into Year 3. View the Degree Completion page for details.

Turn your diploma into a degree

As a graduate of an Early Childhood Education diploma (or equivalent, as accepted by the College of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario) with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater (average C+), you may be eligible to complete Sheridan's Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership degree program through Degree Completion.

Get your degree in less time

Degree Completion allows you to apply your diploma credits toward a Sheridan degree. You'll get significant credit for the courses you completed in your diploma, which means you can complete your degree and advance your career sooner.

How to apply

To apply for Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Degree Completion, visit ontariocolleges.ca and submit an application using the appropriate program code:

  • For full-time studies: PBECB
  • For part-time studies: PBECBP

Program details

As a Degree Completion student, you must first complete these four (4) mandatory courses:

  • EDUC 10009 – Evidence Based Practices in EC Programs
  • EDUC 17198 – Introduction to EC Leadership
  • TBD (Breadth Elective)
  • ENGL 17889GD – Composition and Rhetoric

All four courses are offered during the Spring–Summer semester. Some courses are offered in the Fall and Winter semesters.

Once you have successfully completed all four courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater, you will automatically progress to Year 3 (Semester 5) of the degree program.

You can choose to complete these four courses and the remaining Year 3 and Year 4 courses of the degree as a full-time or part-time student. Courses are offered throughout the year. Please note, however, that you can only start Year 3 (Semester 5) in the Fall term.

Contact us

Have a question about Degree Completion? Please get in touch – we're happy to help!