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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Industrial Design)

Design your way to a bright future.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop knowledge and critical comprehension of key concepts, methodologies, current trends and theoretical approaches in all studio concentrations in order to understand the relationship among them.
  • Practice real-world, detailed applied research in your studio concentration in order to gain valuable industry experience and insight.
  • Advance entrepreneurial and professional skills by developing innovative solutions for a target market.
  • Gain industry and entrepreneurial experience by designing and prototyping objects following an iterative creative process involving research, ideation, visualization, analysis, production and evaluation.
  • Develop analytical, critical thinking and communication skills by evaluating and justifying your design decisions and processes in critiques.
  • Stretch your creative skills by exploring the potential of materials and processes to develop unique and innovative objects.
  • Develop a personal aesthetic and style that differentiates your work from your peers.
  • Collaborate with students and use material from other academic disciplines in order to enrich and enhance your own studio practice.
  • Investigate current industry trends by producing innovative objects that reflect a critical understanding of contemporary art, craft and design issues.
  • Practice and refine self-direction and leadership skills by taking a project from conceptualization to realization.
  • Develop collaborative skills by working in multidisciplinary teams to complete assignments that mimic industry projects.
  • Develop professional insight by responsibly integrating sustainable practices, ethical and legal frameworks and effective business practices when dealing with clients, colleagues, suppliers and employers.