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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Furniture)

Design and make exceptional furniture for an exciting career.

Degree Completion

Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Furniture) Degree Completion

Faculty: Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design

Program Code: PBCRCF

Duration: Full-time and Part-time

Designation: Honours Baccalaureate Degree

Campus: Trafalgar Road Campus

Start Date: September 2016

Program information

The Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Furniture) Degree Completion program is designed for graduates of the Craft and Design (Furniture) Advanced Diploma who are looking to further their education and develop the additional skills and knowledge gained through a degree. Diploma graduates from the Furniture Studio that meet the admission requirements are eligible to apply to the Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Furniture) Degree Completion program.

The Degree Completion program will include an industry work placement (not required for students with documented, equivalent industry experience). Information about Transfer Credits and Breadth Electives will be provided to students after admission to the program.

Admission requirements

Sheridan three-year Craft and Design (Furniture) Advanced Diploma graduates with a minimum 3.0 program GPA are eligible to apply. Graduates from other colleges and universities may apply for Fall 2017 (when available) and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants should select "Degree Completion" as the Entry Level within the ontariocolleges.ca application, and choose either Full-time or Part-time.

Additional information

For more information, please contact Gordon Thompson, Program Coordinator at gordon.thompson@sheridancollege.ca or Christine Franch, Program Support Specialist at christine.franch@sheridancollege.ca