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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Furniture)

Design and make exceptional furniture for an exciting career.

Furniture for life

Peter Fleming, head of Sheridan's Craft and Design Furniture Studio, gives you the inside scoop on this exciting program. You'll design, research, build and test furniture pieces. You'll also work with external partners on real client projects. From two pieces of wood to finished product, you'll create pieces that will last for decades.

the video

Sheridan's Craft and Design – Furniture program teaches you to design and create furniture for a career you'll love.

Design and make outstanding furniture

In Sheridan's Furniture Studio, design and making are interconnected. You'll gain real-world, hands-on experience designing and fabricating furniture pieces by incorporating an understanding of structure, function and aesthetics, creating beautiful and functional pieces. From the moment you begin, you'll explore your creativity, develop and produce your ideas and test the limits of innovation.

Connecting furniture with society

Our students learn not only how to design and make furniture, but also how it fits into society. You'll have the opportunity to work with real clients and build a solid portfolio to launch your career. You'll also have a chance to make a difference in marginalized communities – in design collaborations with users, you'll create furniture that meets their needs and builds your profession.

Get a foundation in all Craft and Design studios

Our program provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to Craft and Design. You'll major in your studio of choice while building skills in the four other disciplines. You'll work with students and faculty from across all five studios on interdisciplinary projects that bring together a range of expertise and experiences to explore the potential of contemporary art, craft and design.

  • Honours Baccalaureate Degree

    • Full-time
    • 4 yrs (8 semesters)
    • Program code: PBCRDF