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Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Bachelor of Computing and Network Communications (Honours) – Internet Communications Technology

Design and build the communication networks of tomorrow.

This program is offered in partnership with Brock University. Application for admission to the program must be made to Brock University through the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

The Bachelor of Computing and Network Communications co-op program provides a truly unique educational experience.

2 great institutions, 1 great education

Offered jointly by Sheridan and Brock University, this four-and-a-half-year program combines academic instruction in computer science with hands-on technical work in network communications — plus the chance to get paid co-op work experience. By combining theory and practice into a single package, this program offers unmatched preparation for a career in network technology, computer science and communications.

A program with job market growth

With few programs like this in Canada, there's high demand for professionals with software development skills and expertise in communications technology and network analysis, security and administration. The Bachelor of Computing and Network Communications degree from Sheridan and Brock University is tailor-made for the growing role of software-defined networking in the job market.

Practical work experience

Co-op work placements begin during Year 2 and are facilitated through Brock and Sheridan. You must meet academic performance standards to qualify. In addition to providing valuable work experience and professional contacts, co-op placements allow you to earn money that can help offset the cost of your education.

Additional information

You'll attend classes at both institutions, experiencing the stimulating university environment at Brock, as well as the personal attention and hands-on approach that distinguishes Sheridan as Canada's pre-eminent polytechnic.

Students spend one-and-a-half years in the classroom, studying the fundamentals of computer programming, algorithms and data structures. Beginning in Year 2 the curriculum places increasing emphasis on communications technology and network communications, including advanced subject matter such as:

  • Internet protocol engineering (IPE)
  • Public carrier systems
  • Enterprise networking
  • Applied security
  • Database modeling and implementation

Computing and Network Communications courses are taught at the Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville, and at Brock University in St. Catharines.