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Pilon School of Business

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resources Management)

A program that strategically aligns HR with an organization's goals.

Sheridan's Honours BBA (Human Resources Management) program gives you the job-ready skills you need to build a rewarding HR career.

What you'll learn

Today's human resources professionals must be flexible and creative and deliver value to the organization. Sheridan’s Honours BBA (Human Resources Management) program gives you the skills you need to contribute to an organization from Day 1. Our learning philosophy supports the belief that HR is a strategic partner that works to align human resources and business strategy.

An innovative learning model

Our Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs feature an innovative experiential learning model that prepares you for the workplace. You won't get a lecture-style environment where you're asked to memorize content. Instead, you'll use collaboration, hands-on learning and experimentation to actively apply your knowledge and solve business problems that simulate the real world.

Creative Learning Portfolio

In our Honours BBA programs, you'll build a Creative Learning Portfolio (CLP) that helps you on your self-discovery journey — and in the job market. The CLP is an electronic portfolio that explores your passions, purpose, career and personal goals. Featuring course reflections, learning experiences and work samples, your CLP will help you showcase your skills to potential employers.

Skills employers are looking for

Today's work world has changed. Top employability skills now include critical thinking, collaboration across networks and leading by influence, communication and entrepreneurship. Our Honours BBA programs help you build these leadership capabilities and more. Equipped with workplace-relevant courses and the essential job skills employers want, you'll have the opportunity to excel in today's workplace.

Small classes

Our Honours BBA programs offer small classes, which means you'll benefit from the hands-on experiential learning, collaboration and personalized attention not found in large lecture-style classrooms. You'll get to know your professors and your peers, interact, ask questions and truly engage in your learning.

Flexible learning options

Sheridan's Honours BBA programs offer flexible learning options that fit into your busy life. You can choose to study part-time while you work or take a full-time course load. With morning, afternoon and evening classes available, we make learning around your schedule convenient and simple.

Creative problem-solving for the modern business world

Sheridan's Honours BBA programs infuse creativity and creative problem-solving into everything we do. In addition to core BBA courses, all Sheridan degree students have the opportunity to select a collection of breadth electives that will enable them to complete the Sheridan Board Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving while also fulfilling their program's Degree Breadth requirements. Courses in the certificate include:

  • Creative Leadership and Problem Solving
  • Applications of Creativity and Innovation
  • Group Dynamics and Creative Problem Solving Facilitation
  • Introduction to Studies in Creativity
  • Principles of Creative Problem Solving
  • Composition and Rhetoric

Become a Certified Human Resources Professional or Leader

Our Honours BBA – Human Resources Management curriculum is aligned with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) coursework requirements.
Graduates who meet the eligibility as set by the HRPA will be eligible to write the Comprehensive Knowledge Exams (CKE 1 or 2). These exams are required if you wish to become a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) or a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) through the HRPA, and are one part of the overall designation process.
Note: The HRPA sets the requirements and costs for certification; this governing body is independent from Sheridan College. For more detailed information please contact the HRPA.

  • Honours Baccalaureate Degree

    • Full-time
    • 4 yrs (8 semesters)
    • Program code: PBHRM
  • Honours Baccalaureate Degree

    • Part-Time
    • Program code: PBHRM