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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Art and Art History (Honours Bachelor of Arts)

Discover the world of art—and the art within you

This degree program is offered in partnership with the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). Application for admission to the program must be made to UTM through the Ontario Universities Application Centre. This program has a September start date.

Learning Outcomes

Overview of Critical Performance & Learning Outcomes in AAH Studio

Critical Performance

By the end of their program, students will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Develop a body of independently conceived and research-driven artworks/design projects that reflect an awareness of historical and contemporary art practices relevant to the student's research interests.
  • Recognize and be able to articulate the elements that have contributed to a successful artwork or project.
  • Work independently and/or collaboratively with self-directed goals, a schedule and fixed completion date.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of their program, students will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Follow current health and safety practices in the studio and when handling materials and equipment.
  • Further develop the technical and conceptual skills acquired in previous years.
  • Use specific tools, technology, techniques and media to achieve personal artistic or creative goals.
  • Articulate a critical awareness of the values associated with their choice of imagery, formal elements or methods of construction.
  • Apply research in the development of a resolved artwork applicable to professional-level studio practice.
  • Use a critical vocabulary in one-on-one exchange with the professor and in critiques that reflects on the discipline as well as on broader interdisciplinary and cultural contexts.
  • Write clear artist statements.
  • Identify the artistic intentions of the work of other students.
  • Engage in critiques to critically assess their own work as well as the work of their peers.
  • Speak on historical and contemporary art practices that relate to their own research interests.
  • Document their artwork or design projects.
  • Understand the conceptual basis of a broad range of contemporary work within the discipline.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of contemporary art issues related to uniqueness, authorship and originality.
  • Create and present a coherent body of work that could be exhibited, presented publicly or published.

Successful students will demonstrate:

  • Evidence of advanced facility with tools and techniques.
  • Evidence of creativity, judgement and originality in order to achieve technical and conceptual resolution of self-directed and project-based work.
  • Ability to articulate their artistic or creative intentions in the critique setting and in one-on-one exchanges with the professor.
  • Willingness to independently investigate relevant historical and contemporary sources and issues, and to apply this research to their artwork and other course projects.
  • Commitment to seeing their artwork through to a thoughtful and convincing point of resolution.
  • Willingness to participate in critiques, and consider and respond to criticism of one's own artwork and the work of peers.
  • Effective use of good critical judgement and clear language in all written assignments.