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Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Animal Care

Train for a rewarding career in animal care.

For the Winter 2021 semester, this program will be delivered through a hybrid model that combines remote and in-person learning. View delivery modes for all programs.


Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

Semester 1    
NURS 10261 Animal Nursing Fundamentals 4
SCIE 13636 Domestic Animal Science 3
ANAT 14717 Animal Anatomy & Physiology 3
SCIE 10040 Introduction to Animal Grooming 4
SCIE 18823 Animal Centre Duty 3
COMM 19999 Essential Communication Skills 3
CCGE General Elective (Intensive or distance) 3
Total:   23
Semester 2    
SCIE 16529 Clinical Operations 4
SCIE 25142 Animal Wellness 3
SCIE 10009 Exotic Animal Science 3
SCIE 26529 Animal Grooming 3
SCIE 10681 Wildlife Management (Electives)  
SCIE 18634 Animal Facility Management 2
FLPL 14444 Animal Care Field Placement 3
PHIL 13672 Animal Ethics and Welfare 2
Total:   20

Note: Courses subject to change.

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