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Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props

Meet industry demand for advanced special effects makeup artists.

For the Winter 2021 semester, this program will be delivered through a hybrid model that combines remote and in-person learning. View delivery modes for all programs.


Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

Semester 1    
COSM 56048 Molding and Casting for the Special Effects Artist 3
COSM 55586 Makeup Application & Facial Prosthetics 3
COSM 58081 Conceptual Processes  3
COSM 50009 Advanced Special Effects Makeup: Product Knowledge and Safety Solutions 3
COSM 55436    Sculpting & Anatomy 3
 Total:   15
Semester 2    
COSM 55288 Animatronics for the Special Effects Artist 3
COSM 58634 Advanced Prosthetics 3
COSM 51975 Industry Culture: Crisis, Conformity and Change in Advanced Special Effects and Makeup 3
COSM 56859 Prop Production for the Special Effects Artist 3
APPL 58823 Digital Applications for Advanced Special Effects Makeup 3
COSM 57545       Puppetry for the Special Effects Artist 3
Total:   18
Semester 3    
COSM 59798 Project Production 3
COSM 57198 Professional Design Solutions: Marketing, Promotion and Personal Development 3
FLPL 55436 Field Placement and Seminar 6
Total:   12

Note: Courses subject to change.

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