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Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Advanced Manufacturing Management

Get on the fast track to a great career in advanced manufacturing.


Creative, innovative learning is at the core of all Sheridan’s courses. Here are the courses you’ll take in this program.

Semester 1
TECH53315 Manufacturing Processes 3
TECH54718 Operations Management 3
TECH59599 Manufacturing and Process Control Concepts 3
TECH55143 Project Management 3
TECH50199 Plant Layout 3
QUAL55143 Quality Management 3
HEAL53797 Health, Work, Safety and Society 3
Total: 21
Semester 2
MGMT50000 Leadership and Management of People 3
TECH54719 Sustainable Supply Chain Management 3
COMM57028 Management Communication Skills 3
ENGI59599 Energy Management 3
TECH58449 Advanced Management Concepts 3
ECON53921 Engineering Economics 3
TECH54178 Industry Project 6
COWT53816 Coop Seminar W 1-7 1
Total: 25
  (24 without Co-op)
  Co-op Work Term (Co-op students only) 7

Note: Courses subject to change. Please contact your faculty office to obtain your program map.

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